Stand up paddle                                   
New to stand up paddling and not feeling secure enough to try it on your own? Book a private lesson with our instructor and learn how to stand up paddle in all tranquility and far from the crowd. Thanks to the instructor's experience and knowledge of the sea and wind conditions, you will always feel safe while at the same time enjoying your newly acquired skills and powerful quietness of the sea.
1 person = 25€/45min   2persons = 45€/45min
Windsurfing is technically a demanding sport but with the new generation equipment (stable boards and light sails) it is still a challenge but easier than back then. Our instructor has more than 10 years of experience in teaching windsurfing, to kids and adults. Want to learn how to use the wind to get you where you want? Our instructor will give you tips and watch for your safety from his motor boat.  
1person = 30€/1h     2 persons = 50€/1h